Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spring in Kyrgyzstan 2007

A mild winter in Kygyrzstan transitioned smoothly into a mild and verdant spring. In the foothills just south of the city, rolling technicolor fields of glowing red poppies provided dreamlike backdrops for a few weekends worth of hikes and bike rides. (click here to see more photos)

A view of Ala-Too Square, the Erkindik statue, and the snow-capped Ala-Too Range rising majestically in the background.

A young Kyrgyz girl celebrates Children's Day, June 1st, by running through the fountains in Ala Too Square.

Mmmmm. Tasty plov served in a giant plov pot at the American University staff retreat at Ala Archa National Park in early June.

Early June at Issyk Kul, looking at the Raduga Resort pier in the foreground, the breathtaking Terskey (means 'away from the sun') Ala Too Range dominates the horizon on the south shore.

Another early morning shot of the south shore of Issyk Kul. The water was glassy smooth and the mountains radiant. Perfect conditions for water-skiing, or in my case, yoga and meditation on the pier.

The Ala Too Range on a perfect spring day.